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Search Operators to search mails in Gmail

Here’s a list of Gmail operators you can take advantage of when you search via the search box in your Gmail. Examples of usage is also provided.

"" (quotes):

Format: "keyword"
Example: "business"
(it will return only emails with the exact quoted keyword.)


Format: subject:keyword
Example: subject:Google Alert
(it will return emails with this subjects)


Format: from:
Example: from:hongkiat
(Return emails received from a specific user, but not the email address.)

Format: from:
(Return emails received from a specific email address.)


Format: to:
Example: to:hongkiat
(Return emails sent to a specific user, but not the email address.)

Format: to:
(Return emails sent to a specific email address.)


Format: in:
Example: in:trash
(Return emails stored in a specific location. If you are looking for emails that you have no clue where it is, use in:anywhere.)


Format: is:
Example: is:unread
(Return emails with a specific status. E.g, Starred, unread, read emails or even Gtalk chat logs.)

cc: & bcc:

Format: cc: or cc:
Example: cc:hongkiat or
(Return emails carbon copied to a user or specific email address.)

Format: bcc: or cc:
Example: bcc:hongkiat or
(Return emails blind carbon copied to a user or specific email address.)

Before: & after:

Format: before:
Example: before:2010/07/01
(Return emails before a specific date.)

Format: after: before:
Example: after:2010/06/01 before:2010/07/01
(Return emails after in range of or after specific date.)


Format: label:
Example: label:Comments
(Return emails with a specific label.)


Format: filename:
Example: filename:presentation.pdf
(Return emails with the exact filename attached.)

Format: filename:
Example: filename:pdf
(Return emails that have the same file type attached.)


Format: has:attachment
Example: from:hongkiat has:attachment
(A more general search for emails with attachments. Return emails with attachments, regardless of file type and format.)

Combining Operators

Here are some operators that allows you to yeild more specific and accurate results.


Format: operator:value -operator:value
Example: has:attachment -filename:zip
(Return emails with attachements, filtering away those with .zip attachments.)


Format: operator:value OR operator:value
Example: OR
(Return emails received from either user(s).)


Format: operator:value AND operator:value
Example: AND has:attachment
(Return only emails received from a specific email that has an attachment.)

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