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What did people is thinking about famous websites?


- Google is evil (maybe)
- Google is gay
- Google is god
- Google is your friend (correct)
- Google is watching you


- Facebook is down
- Facebook is shutting down (rumor which becomes viral few days ago)
- Facebook is evil
- Facebook is stupid
- Facebook is bad


- Yahoo is down
- Yahoo is down today
- Yahoo is not working
- Yahoo is better than Google (may be)
- Yahoo is slow


- Twitter is over capacity (everytime)
- Twitter is down
- Twitter is stupid
- Twitter is gay (Google is also gay)
- Twitter is retarded


- Wikipedia is down
- Wikipedia is not a reliable source
- Wikipedia is wrong
- Wikipedia is reliable
- Wikipedia is bad


- Bing is not Google (=BING)
- Bing is better than Google (maybe)
- Bing is annoying
- Bing is beautiful
- Bing is down


- Orkut is dead (correct, Facebook killed him)
- Orkut is dying (correct)
- Orkut is not opening
- Orkut is blocked
- Orkut is going to end (correct)

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