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10 Interesting Things about Facebook

  1. 83% of prostitutes have switched to Facebook, no longer using craigslist.( according to a study done by Columbia University.)
  2. Facebook Gets Breakup Notifier App which will notify you when your crush will broke up
  3. If you read like "Facebook is now deleting profiles which are not active...please verify it active"
    don't click on such links
  4. Facebook-Photos 60 Billion. Picasa-7 Billion. Flickr 5 billion.
  5. Mark Zuckerberg Comic Book Coming Soon!
  6. Most growing country in Europe on Facebook is Germany (+5,2 million new users, 49 % change)
  7. Egyptian couple names newly-born daughter 'Facebook'
  8. Facebook has changed its News Feed, so that by default, you can only see updates from people you've recently interacted with! To change this, click on the arrow next to 'Most Recent', then 'Edit Options', and check the box to receive updates from ALL Friends!
  9. With Android 2.3.3 Google will stop importing Facebook data into your contacts application
  10. Microsoft Rolls Out Facebook Chat to All Hotmail Users

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