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How to protect yourself from online fraud or online scams : Part 1

1. The First Rule is that you are the best anti-fraud and identity theft system you can buy. An educated user is far more effective than any software.

2. Don't give out your real name and other particulars unless absolutely necessary. Use fake information instead.

3. Avoid registering to too many newsletters. Though they're fun to read, often the company also keeps your email addresses for certain purposes, some more sinister than others. And the user has no control and no say should said company decide to sell off your information to another company.

4. Use Anti-spyware programs like Adaware, Spybot Search and Destroy, AVG Anti-spyware, CWShredder, Bazooka, SpywareBlaster, etc.

5. Make sure you have a good anti-virus program or if you can't afford a commercial one, at least get a free program like AVG. And make sure your anti-virus program is up-to-date and scan your computer constantly.

6. Stay away from many pornography and illegal sites. Often, such sites require you to download a dialer or some other form of executable program(a ".exe") which often installs a trojan or some other virus that gathers your confidential information and delivers it back to the hacker/company.

7. Use different passwords for different sites, instead of relying on one password for all sites and forums

8. Don't click on links in your e-mail from those who says that there are from the banking company . Please remember that banks will never ask you to log in into ur account by way of e-mail

9. Check website safety Read more at>>>>

10. Don't click on short url, because you don't know what is real url of that shortened url. So go to Realurl , this website will give you original long url.

(How to protect yourself from online fraud or online scams : Part 2 coming soon)

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